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As you may have heard, we’re pretty excited to introduce you to our newest Director of Strategic Partnerships Cal Bogertman because of who he is and what he brings to our table. It may not have been Cal’s plan to become one of the most dynamic business advisers in the Greater Baltimore area, but it was his calling.

From Kinesiology to Technology: It’s Always Been About Strengthening Businesses

Cal was born and raised in New Jersey. He earned his bachelor’s in Exercise Science from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI, before returning to his home state to work as an athletic trainer. But he was so good at his job, the Parisi Speed School sent him to Annapolis to build its first Maryland franchise from the ground up. The dominant model for personal training at the time was for customers to buy discrete packages with a certain number of sessions. As a general manager aiming for consistent cash flow, Cal started experimenting with alternatives and developed the largest EFT-driven model of a sports performance studio, now used nationally. Growing business was clearly in Cal’s blood.

The constant pressures of the industry and 100-hour work weeks eventually took their toll on the newly married Cal, who stepped away to try his hand at construction sales. His new boss was happy with his performance, but Cal realized he’d topped out on what he could accomplish without more knowledge. He turned to the Sandler Selling Methodology for the professional development he needed to be a successful VP of Operations for The Painting Company. He was a student of the global leader Sandler Training for three years before becoming one of its sales and management consultants.

It was Cal’s six years there that allowed him to hone his craft, to perfect the business growth instincts he’d always had.

“I thrive in any environment where people are the top priority. I have a passion for helping people achieve their potential, so I’ve taught a lot of great salespeople, managers and business owners,” Cal explains. “But along the way I’ve really zeroed in on what makes an effective business and how to identify and surmount the obstacles preventing companies from achieving peak performance.”

We’ve had a lot of fun with the image of Cal as a “personal trainer for business” – strengthening and toning problem areas, picking up the pace, power lifting. But Cal likens what he does to a different profession. “Business leaders often come to me, and they know something’s not working quite right, but it’s hard to self-diagnose. I start out by asking a specific set of questions, just like a doctor would: ‘Where does it hurt most?’ ‘Where are you hemorrhaging money?’ ‘Are there value opportunities being lost?’”

The “Sales” Role – Redefined

Cal has a knack for finding bottlenecks and diagnosing underlying diseases. He’s the right hire at the right time as Mind Over Machines grows to meet an increasing demand for our brand of transformational business consulting. We collaborate with clients to identify their challenges and then design and implement innovative technical solutions. Merging Cal’s business acumen with our wide-ranging technical expertise is just one way we’re growing capacity.

“Cal is a connector and influencer of people,” says our COO Dmitry Cherches. “He takes the time to understand who people are and how they work. I trust his matchmaking skills, his ability to form lasting partnerships that enrich our team and the companies we serve.”

In a refreshing twist, Cal doesn’t shy away from the sales role; he redefines it. “When I say the word ‘salesperson,’ an image of a used car salesman pops in your head and all the preconceived notions that go with it,” he observes. “But the Sandler sales methodology is just a way to help people make decisions. Two parties get to know each other; maybe it’s a fit to do business together and maybe it isn’t. Either outcome is perfectly acceptable. I pride myself on authenticity. With me, you’ll always know what you’re getting and where I stand.”

CalFamily20180430-300x239About Cal

Cal and his wife Bridget live in Catonsville, MD, with their 14-month-old daughter who is growing more adorable by the day. When he isn’t connecting people or helping them grow their businesses, he’s enjoying the great outdoors and, of course, exercising.

If you’d like Cal to diagnose your business challenges or just take you out for coffee (or a protein shake), give him a call at (410) 693-1611 or drop him a line. We can promise an engaging, authentic brainstorming session. It never hurts to troubleshoot with a fresh pair of eyes.