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Mind Over Machines can show you how to maximize your investment…
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A growing number of organizations use Office 365 for basic business functions such as email, Word, Excel, and Access. Mind Over Machines can show you how to make the most of your investment by leveraging advanced functionality that empowers collaboration, task management, automation, and much much more.


Content Management | Collaboration

Folks will tell you SharePoint can do anything. That it’s amazing.

It can’t. It’s not.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not a fantastic tool for your organization. A properly engineered SharePoint implementation is still the best way to store, search, share, and collaborate on content. It can auto-version and index all your files. People can even work on the same document at the same time!

  • For some, SharePoint is a centralized hub
  • For others, it’s a webified storage system
  • For others still, it’s a dashboard for goings-on in the organization

But forget what SharePoint can and can’t do.

We’ll show you what it should and shouldn’t do based on your needs.


Rapid Application Development Anywhere

Microsoft’s replacement for Access is ready for prime time!

Oh, you didn’t know? Access is dead. It was built for a world before web services, smartphones, and heck…websites. PowerApps is the re-imagining of Access’ core purpose in today’s technology landscape.

PowerApps empowers organizations to quickly build internal applications that work on any device, and seamlessly connect to any form of data storage. SQL? Salesforce? FTP? Files? SurveyMonkey? SmartSheet?

Sure! And there are hundreds more.

Best of all, PowerApps can leverage the features of modern devices. Want your application to scan a barcode using your phone’s camera? Take a picture? Sign a work order? Show geolocation from your tablet? It can do that!

Let Mind Over Machines show you how to make the best use of PowerApps within the Office 365 ecosystem.


Rapid Application Development Anywhere


Automation | Integration
ETL | Process Approval

Flow is the new way to glue business systems together.

Used with other Office 365 and non-Office 365 solutions, Flow finishes the last mile. It turns your disparate systems into a cohesive enterprise platform.

  • If a user drops a file in your FTP site, you’d want it auto-parsed into a database and then get a notification, right? Flow can do that.
  • If Sales marks a proposal as “complete”, you’d want a new account set up in your system automatically, right? Flow can do that.
  • You want every email attachment a case manager gets to be automatically backed up in the cloud? Flow can do that.
  • You want a new lead created in your CRM when anyone in your organization gets a new LinkedIn connection? Flow can do that.

Flow can do all of that? Yes, Flow can!

Let’s have some fun figuring out what Flow can do for you.


Project and Task Management

You would need a project planning tool just to keep track of all the project planning tools available today!

Interestingly, not one is an undisputed leader.

Each has strengths and weaknesses. And what one department needs is different than another.

Share with us your business processes and what’s important to you. We’ll put our experience to work and expose you to the right project and task management tools for your situation.


Project and Task Management

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