Legacy Application Support

Supporting, modernizing and integrating legacy information systems

We help you support today’s needs, so you can better plan for tomorrow’s.

The longer you wait to address your legacy software issues,
the more it will cost to get current.

Mind Over Machines has been developing business solutions for over thirty years.
While we thrive at the leading edge, we remember how older systems and languages work. Indeed, for some of our clients, we are enhancing our own legacy code.


We understand how you got here and why you need to keep that mission-critical application running. We’ll shore up its weaknesses and link it to your other systems, extending its life and value.

Our legacy experience includes:

– ColdFusion
– Classic ASP
– Crystal Reports
– Flash/Flex
– Silverlight
– Ruby on Rails
– FoxPro/Access
– Goldmine…and more

Reach out to learn how we support legacy solutions in a way that offers the most impact with the least disruption.


There’s a good chance the system you built ten years ago should be replaced or updated…for the good of your business.

There’s an even better chance it could be replaced today – gloriously – with highly customizable off-the-shelf software.

Or maybe not.

When custom IS the right choice, we balance saving what we can with leveraging the power of modern tools. We don’t want to rebuild for rebuilding’s sake. We DO want to set you up for long-term success with the power and flexibility afforded by today’s solutions.

We’ll help you understand your options and plot your best course.


Consider a Smarter Solution Today

Whether you know exactly what you need or aren’t sure where to begin, reach out today to learn how Mind Over Machines can bring your Legacy Application current.
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