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New Enterprise Associates

State-of-the-Art Portfolio Management System
  • Industry dominance
  • Asset growth from $6 billion to $18 billion
  • Data driven decision-making
  • Operational efficiency

One of the world’s most successful venture capital firms needed better IT systems

In the high stakes, multi-billion dollar venture capital industry, access to multiple dimensions of dynamic data is critical to assessing risk and developing winning investment strategies. New Enterprise Associates (NEA), a giant in the global technology and healthcare VC industry, needed ultra sophisticated, integrated enterprise systems that would store, retrieve, and disseminate complex information to partners, investors, and portfolio companies.

Mind Over Machines delivered a state-of-the-art portfolio management system

We helped the firm understand how best to structure its complex data for greater efficiency and more sophisticated analysis, and then set about the task of determining the gap between the existing systems and the firm’s future vision. Using rigorous project methodology, Mind Over Machines re-imagined and completely re-architected the firm’s existing IT systems. Salvaging all critical data, we developed an integrated, modular portfolio management system that impacts every core process in the firm’s operations.

The new system provides partners with multiple tools to track and analyze projections, portfolio companies, valuations, rounds of financing, partner performance, and all of the components that inform multi-million dollar investment decisions.

Investing in constant innovation

With stable core systems as a building ground, the firm’s strategic IT partnership with Mind Over Machines has resulted in ongoing technology innovation, with system modernizations and enhancements including: a company portal, a disaster recovery system, multiple extranets, and mobile software applications.

Our continued partnership with NEA provides the firm with the IT tools they need to continue to take informed risks, be nimble, and outplay the competition. Today, NEA ranks as the world’s largest venture capital firm, and has more than $18 billion in assets under management across 15 funds, including a $3.1 billion fifteenth fund closed in 2015.


  • Enterprise Information System
  • Data Architecture/Management/Security
  • Company Portal
  • Mobile App
  • Intellectual Property Extranets
  • Disaster Recovery System

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