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National Registered Agents, Inc.

Custom Built Prospect Finder
  • Identified top prospects
  • Dramatic increase in sales
  • 5000% Return on Investment
  • Flew under competition's radar
From sales to operations, Mind Over Machines has delivered consistently surprising innovations to all aspects of our business. It's hard to overestimate the importance of their contribution to our success.

Mind Over Machines had a flash of insight: How to identify NRAI’s best prospects.

NRAI sales executives knew the demographics of its best target market: families of companies operating in many states. But these targets are not easy to find. Companies within a “family” of businesses with related ownership can operate under very different names and in very different industries. How to identify them?

We mashed multiple public and private databases and created an innovative prospecting system.

We mashed, cleansed and matched data from public and private databases nationwide, discovered productive relationships between seemingly unrelated data points, and uncovered a motherlode of top prospects. Then we ranked prospects by size and clustered by geography, allowing NRAI’s sales team to focus its efforts on the sweetest targets.

NRAI saw a dramatic increase in sales and profitability.

As a group, these deals were larger, more profitable, and closed faster than any before, and also flew under the radar of NRAI’s competitors, giving it a great competitive advantage. NRAI realized more than 5,000% return on investment (ROI) before we stopped measuring.

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