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Office Products Network of North America

Industry First Automated Order Fulfillment Software
  • Grew annual revenue to $1.2 billion
  • OPNNA met a very tight deadline
  • Gained competitive advantage with a service no other dealer could provide
It’s entirely possible that the project would have failed without Mind Over Machines.

OPNNA needed an IT solution that enabled it to deliver on a new business model.

The office products dealer envisioned a business model that leveraged the combined buying power of multi-location companies nationwide. The concept caught fire and OPNNA engaged a vendor to build the enterprise system that would enable it to deliver. But midway through the project, with the delivery deadline approaching, OPNNA began losing confidence in its vendor.

Mind Over Machines delivered.

OPNNA asked us to provide an independent review of the system, but instead found in us the collaborative technology partner it wanted to build its IT systems and support its growth. OPNNA released its vendor and handed the entire project to Mind Over Machines.

OPPNA met its deadline.

OPPNA began offering a service that no other dealer could at the time: automated ordering and fulfillment processes for locations nationwide. OPNNA grew from an idea to $1.2B in annual revenue before being purchased by Corporate Express.

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