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Integrated Health Services

Mergers & Acquisitions Analytics Engine
  • Grew revenue from $200M to $3B in 7 years
  • Company achieved its growth plan
  • IHS gained a significant competitive advantage
One of the most remarkably successful and enjoyable projects of my career.
Jeb Bonsteel Market Analyst Integrated Health Services

IHS needed a better way to gather and analyze market data to fuel its merger and acquisition-focused growth strategy.

Its aggressive growth plan depended on acquiring nursing facilities in underserved, relatively wealthy markets likely to need skilled nursing care. Identifying the best acquisition candidates required the ability to compare service regions nationally. IHS’ own research capacities couldn’t deliver this analysis efficiently, ultimately limiting its growth.

Mind Over Machines delivered an innovative M&A analytics engine.

We built and integrated a visual mapping interface into the IHS data analysis engine. The new system quickly revealed the market value of any geographic region, producing in minutes what had taken weeks before.

Revenue grew from $200 million to over $3 billion in just seven years.

Our technology solution provided a competitive advantage that allowed IHS’ mergers and acquisitions team to acquire the best sites — and ignore the duds.

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