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International Staffing and Management Firm

Software Assessment
  • Business Analysis/Review
  • Code Review
  • Database Review
  • Security Assessment
  • Documentation of Findings and Recommendations

One of the largest privately held staffing companies in the world had acquired a former competitor.

The $10B firm was rapidly expanding its international operations. To accommodate for the growth, new back office systems would need to be built, and the firm needed to assess its software systems to inform a decision about which system would form the foundation of the upgrade – and which should be left behind.

Mind Over Machines conducted an in-depth software assessment.

We reviewed the software code and the database, to include an assessment of the software’s security risks. We discovered that the code for the job board – the core system which served the company and all of its subsidiaries – was well written for its time period, but was too old for further investment. Critical components were no longer supported, and technology talent to manage the code base was becoming increasingly scarce. Systems would therefore not have capabilities to scale with the company. A major security threat was also uncovered.

We delivered a report containing documentation of all of our findings, as well as recommendations for system modernization that would address short term security and performance issues, and long term growth and scalability goals.

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