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Association for Manufacturing Technology

Online Financial Survey Tool
  • Automated laborious telephone interview process
  • Automated complicated data consolidation and masking
  • Reduced reporting time by 75%
  • Freed staff time for higher and better uses
The timeliness of data and flexibility of the web-based system Mind Over Machines developed are unmatched.
John B. Byrd, III President AMT

AMT sought to streamline surveys and data analysis.

The association, which represents machinery manufacturers, analyzes worldwide purchase trends so member companies can react to the market more quickly than non-member companies. AMT gathers market data via member surveys, but its process was labor intensive, requiring extensive and repeated telephone interviews and manual data manipulation before data analysis could even begin.

The solution: a whole new approach.

Mind Over Machines re-imagined the survey as a push process in which AMT’s membership self-reports sales data via a web-based survey tool. The tool employs complex data masking algorithms to maintain the confidentiality of individual members’ sales and pricing information while automating aggregate reporting. The tool meets all federal corporate compliance, nondisclosure and anti-trust requirements, protecting AMT and its members.

Faster and better answers at a lower cost.

AMT’s member companies began reporting data that previously AMT had to coax out of them. The quarterly reporting process shrank from 60 to 15 days. Data quality went up. Data value increased with its timeliness. And AMT staff, released from mundane tasks, is free to deliver greater value to its members with analysts providing customized research supporting strategic planning and marketing.

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