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Broadridge Financial Services

Investor Communications Software
  • Improved communication and data security for fund administrators, employers, and investors
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased client retention through better service

Broadridge Financial Services needed to give consumers an outstanding online experience.

As a fulfillment house for many of the largest financial companies in the nation, Broadridge Financial Services handles fund prospectuses, enrollment information, and performance documents that keep millions of investors up to date on their accounts. They wanted to move all investor communications to the Internet with a world-class interface.

Mind Over Machines delivered a proof of concept to Broadridge.

We met with marketing and IT executives at Broadridge and connected team members who could engage on a deep level about the user experience and the technical specifics of how sensitive data would move through the system securely, in addition to the overall importance of making investment communications electronic.

At every turn, Mind Over Machines had an expert ready to handle Broadridge’s questions and requests.

As we collaborated and iterated what the final product should look like and how it should work, it became apparent that many customizations would be required to ensure people got the right information about the right accounts: a 401(k) brochure sent from Fidelity to Bill at IBM needed to look different from what was sent by Wells Fargo to Betty at GE.

Investors now receive a personalized URL that gives them a dashboard layout connected to their salary, investment history, and expected returns.

What emerged from Broadridge’s work with Mind Over Machines allowed Broadridge to deliver its clients an interface that would give investors quick access to information, while driving down information distribution costs.

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