Of Pizza & Pricing: Navigating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Options

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Pizza is wonderful. In part, because it’s so versatile. From the classic cheese and pepperoni, to the deep dish of Chicago, to the highbrow arugula and prosciutto, and of course, the ever-controversial ham and pineapple. The possibilities are endless! Although, if you’re one of those “pineapple and ham” people, we may need to have a different conversation than the one we’re about to dive into. Really?! Pineapple and ham… on a pizza?!

We kid. You are welcome here, even if you do like fruit on your pizza. There’s a topping combination for everyone, and most people are happy having so many options. But what does this have to do with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Like ordering pizza for a group, Dynamics 365’s pricing model can be a little intimidating. You need to figure out dietary restrictions and preferences. You also need to make sure you order enough without blowing your budget. The same concepts apply to Dynamics 365 licensing. There’s so much flexibility in the pricing model, it can be difficult to figure out what is best for your organization.

On top of that, Last month Microsoft added three new offerings to their Dynamics 365 lineup. Microsoft regularly adds new products to Dynamics 365. Keeping up with the changes is a full-time job. Thankfully, you don’t have to. That’s why we’re here — with pizza analogies!

Pepperoni 2.0 – A New Price for A Classic Business Model

First up, Dynamics 365 for Sales. Microsoft packaged all the basic tools needed to automate your sales process such as contact management, leads, opportunities and quotes. If you are just getting started with CRM or your organization is sales heavy, this may be the right licensing option for you. There are four options to choose from within Dynamics 365 for Sales:

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales Professionals – $65 per user/month
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise – $95 per user/month
  • Customer Engagement Plan – $115 per user/month
  • Microsoft Relationship Sales – $135 per user/month

Most of our clients opt for the Customer Engagement Plan; however, choosing the best plan for you will depend on the features and functionality that you need today and in the future.

Three Cheese – It May Be Included, and You Can Always Add More!

If you’re already on a marketing automation platform, you may be able to replace it with Microsoft’s new offering, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. It lets you track campaign performance, conduct online surveys, track social engagement and much more. The best part: you may already get it for free!

Already have the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan and 10 or more users? Most of our clients fit into this bucket. If you do too, there is no additional cost to start using Dynamics 365 for Marketing! If you have the Customer Engagement Plan for fewer than 10 users, it will cost an additional $750 per month.

If you are only going to use Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you’ll pay $1,500 per month.

There is a limit of 10,000 contacts on the plans mentioned above, but you have the option to purchase more, if needed.

Certified Organic Margherita – A Healthy Option Applied to a Classic

Fed up with your basic legacy accounting software and ERP systems? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central may be the logical transition. It allows you to manage financials, make informed decisions, and seamlessly integrates with Excel to allow for advanced financial modeling.

A basic general ledger, bank account management, and inventory/supply chain management are the bread and butter (Or should we say “sauce and cheese”?) of this product offering. It’s designed to help you stay on budget and on time, set goals to ensure project success, and track employee information such as experience, skills, and education.

There are two Business Central plans: Essential and Premium.

The Essential Plan will cost you $70 per user/month and give you the ability to manage your financials, customer relationships, projects, supply chain(s), human resources, and warehouse(s).

Business Central Premium costs $100 per user/month and includes everything in the Essential Plan plus service order management and manufacturing management capabilities.

The Full Menu

Don’t forget, these new offerings supplement an already robust Dynamics product lineup. Other plans that are available include:

  • Project Service Automation* – Forecast project profitability and empower your service professionals.
  • Field Service* – Optimize your field agents’ time and make them more effective, improving customer retention.
  • Customer Service* – Quickly capture, respond, and resolve service requests from your customers.
  • Retail – Manage your product information, categories, and pricing to create an amazing shopping experience.
  • Talent – Streamline the hiring process from acquisition through onboarding, including continuous learning, feedback, and tools for praise.

*These items are included in the price of the Customer Engagement Plan, $115 per user/month.

But Maybe Pasta’s Your Thing

At the end of the day, no amount of cauliflower crust, pineapple, or goat cheese can tempt people into eating a pizza if it’s just not for them. Likewise, Dynamics 365 may not be right for you. When it comes to enterprise development platforms, we also love Salesforce. Toying with a few different solutions? We relish a good technology shootout. Let us pit your options against each other and see which one comes out on top.

If you have a need you haven’t been able to find a tool to cover, we should talk. We tackle projects ranging from legacy application support to emerging technologies, and we love a challenge! We want to hear your problems so we can get to work solving them.