Software Consultancy Bucks “Best-Kept Secret” Status 

Mind Over Machines has a 30-year track record of helping businesses work smarter. The software and data consultancy maintains consistent growth through high visibility projects, yet it remains the “Mid-Atlantic’s best-kept secret.” When old friends Tom Loveland and Steve Navarro met for coffee, the vision for a higher profile began to reveal itself. Now they are working together to realize that vision.

“When you have the opportunity to add an accomplished executive like Steve to your leadership team, you take it,” Mind Over Machines Founder & CEO Tom Loveland said. “Steve not only has a proven history of elevating a company’s brand and driving double-digit revenue growth, but he’s a terrific culture match.”

Chief Operating Officer Dmitry Cherches knows Navarro’s business growth strategy combined with his sales and marketing chops is exactly what Mind Over Machines needs. “He has the skillset we’re looking for, and he knows our work,” Cherches explained. “Steve has astutely referred several great-fit clients to us over the years. He is a principled leader I trust to bring our firm the recognition it deserves.”

Navarro has been watching the company since the early ‘90s and has always been impressed with its agility. “Mind Over Machines has weathered every storm, from global recessions to the incessant upheaval of the tech marketplace,” he observed. “It has masterfully evolved its own business model from the old full-custom development days to this modern era of hybrid, best-in-breed Software as a Service.”

Mind Over Machines’ smart business decisions caught Navarro’s attention, but what drew him to the firm is its customer-centric approach. “Building a career in both sales and delivery has afforded me a unique perspective on how to grow a profitable business. It is difficult to manage internal and external expectations, accurately represent those expectations in a project plan, and execute the plan, all the while maintaining effective communication with all parties involved. You don’t find many firms that do it as well as Mind Over Machines,” Navarro applauded.

Loveland and Cherches are bringing on Navarro as the natural next step in growing the firm’s impact. “We’ve done the work to ensure the integrity of our client relationships. We’ve implemented systems to accommodate strategic growth,” Cherches asserts. “Now it’s time to go to market and reveal the real secret about Mind Over Machines: We are the trusted partner you’ve been looking for.”

About Mind Over Machines

Mind Over Machines is a software and data consultancy that helps growing organizations achieve exceptional results through tailored information systems. Three decades strong, the company has helped hundreds of clients – from mid-market firms to federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies – capture new revenue, grow competitive advantage, and streamline operations; making business and the world smarter, better and richer.

The firm collaborates with clients from strategy to execution, tailoring enterprise software, modernizing legacy applications, and leveraging emerging technologies to deliver highly effective information systems. With an emphasis on human-centered design, Mind Over Machines is dedicated to smooth delivery of smart solutions for meaningful client benefit.

Mind Over Machines has earned the trust of organizations like the Arthritis Foundation, BD, Catholic Relief Services, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Dunbar, IKEA, Intuit, National Institutes of Health, and T. Rowe Price, and regularly receives client and industry recognition for performance, innovation and company culture.


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