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Empowers Clients To Set Trends, Avoid Disruption

Monday, May 7, 2018

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality. Technology is moving at the speed of light. Business leaders feel pressure to stay up on the latest developments impacting their industry, but their time is consumed by daily operations.

“Most companies are working so hard to stay in the black; they don’t have the capacity or full expertise to monitor and evaluate opportunities and threats arising from new technologies,” says Mind Over Machines Founder and CEO Tom Loveland. “But how to stay ahead of the competition in the face of potentially disruptive innovation keeps the C-suite up at night. That’s why we’ve created our Emerging Technologies Practice.”

The Emerging Technologies Practice (ETP) is designed to help organizations assess and prepare for new technologies that could change their industries. It provides ongoing monitoring of client industry trends and disruptors with the user-focused guidance Mind Over Machines is known for.

“We have been leading clients through digital transformation one step at a time for thirty years now. We are committed to keeping people at the center of everything we do,” explains Loveland. “Our Director of Emerging Technologies, Tim Kulp, comes from a humanities background. He’s the perfect choice to head ETP because he has a unique understanding of what people expect from technology and how they use it.”

Kulp is known throughout the Mid-Atlantic region as an emerging tech expert who has pioneered augmented reality for enterprise. He consistently strives to humanize technology by focusing on how people relate to the digital world around them.

“We know how hard it is to build a talented team well-versed in AI, AR, bots, computer vision and anything else that might come down the pike, so we’ve done it for you,” Kulp says. “We provide innovation teams for businesses that don’t have their own. ETP works closely with companies’ senior leadership to help organizations understand disruptive technologies that are driving new opportunities and challenges in their industries. We use proven practices to creatively apply emerging technologies for real business impact.”

Mind Over Machines’ Emerging Technologies Practice makes increased peace-of-mind accessible and affordable. By partnering with ETP, business leaders can rest assured they are investing in technology that matters, freeing them to focus on key company priorities and a good night’s sleep.

About Tim Kulp

Tim Kulp is a non-traditional technology guru with an M.S. in Applied Information Technology and a B.A. in Religious Studies, Art and Art History. His multidisciplinary training provides perspective and a deeper understanding of how people implement and interact with technology solutions. Kulp is the director of emerging technologies at Mind Over Machines, where he helps clients along their innovation journeys, focusing on improving culture and adding business value by applying carefully selected technologies to each client’s industry.

With experience ranging from startups to global brands, Kulp has worked with clients to build consumer-facing products, reimagine operational processes, and understand new technologies from web to mobile to artificial intelligence. He has written software development articles for more than 30 international publications and can often be found presenting at local meetups and spearheading education initiatives.

About Mind Over Machines

Mind Over Machines is a software and data consultancy that helps growing organizations achieve exceptional results through tailored information systems. Three decades strong, the company has helped hundreds of clients – from mid-market firms to federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies – capture new revenue, grow competitive advantage, and streamline operations; making business and the world smarter, better and richer.

The firm collaborates with clients from strategy to execution, tailoring enterprise software, modernizing legacy applications, and leveraging emerging technologies to deliver highly effective information

systems. With an emphasis on human-centered design, Mind Over Machines is dedicated to smooth delivery of smart solutions for meaningful client benefit.

Mind Over Machines has earned the trust of organizations like the Arthritis Foundation, BD, Catholic Relief Services, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Dunbar, IKEA, Intuit, National Institutes of Health, and T. Rowe Price, and regularly receives client and industry recognition for performance, innovation and company culture.

To learn more, visit the Emerging Technologies Practice page of our website.


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