Custom Webhooks in .NET with Emma API (Easily test with Postman)

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Don’t you hate it when the documentation you’re looking for doesn’t exist? So do we. That’s why our MINDs bit the bullet and created instructions to make your life easier:

If you’ve tried to build a custom Webhook in .NET, you‘ve probably noticed the lack of tutorials explaining the process. We had a client who wanted a real-time sync between their CRM and their Emma mailing platform. We didn’t want to query the Emma API on a regular basis checking for updates. It was more efficient for all parties involved to leverage Emma Webhooks to notify our system immediately when a change occurred. The out-of-the-box options in .NET support services for Github, Azure and others, but if the API you’re searching for isn’t offered, it’s hard to find documentation. The following tutorial is intended to fill in the Emma gap.

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