CEO Culture Hacks: Bring Your Brilliance

Let’s continue our exploration of Mind Over Machines’ culture by picking up where we left off: We started with the primacy of self-care, why and how to be kind to oneself.

When our MINDs are thriving, their natural inclination is to help others thrive by enabling them to work smarter, which just happens to match our mission:

To Enrich Lives by Helping the World Work Smarter.  

We drive this through our prime directive:

Bring Your Brilliance.
It can be done smarter, often much smarter.
Find the breakthrough. Share your insights!

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CEO Culture Hacks: The Personal Kindness Imperative

You hear us talk a lot about enabling people to work smarter. It’s a worthy mission, but it’s driven by a higher purpose: Enriching Lives. We want our work to enrich the lives of our clients, our community, our loved ones . . . and ourselves.

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