Offshoring: The Promise and the Peril

4 minute read

Offshoring. The word fills finance people with hope and technical people with trepidation. It can be a CFO-CIO battleground.

Here at Mind Over Machines, we understand why companies offshore IT operations. It works well…for certain types of projects. But for the strategic software development that is our bread and butter, it’s…

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Making the Case for a Strategic Technology Plan

4 minute read

Would a general go into battle without a defined plan? Never. Neither would he consider each operation individually. Rather, he would pursue tactics that link all of the battles together to meet a strategically defined goal of winning the war. It would be a plan against which he could…

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You know it’s time to hire a technology partner when…

3 minute read

The Tell-Tale Signs — a Top 10

See anything familiar?

You see market opportunity and need technology that will help you take advantage.

    1. You have a bunch of data.  And no idea what to do with it.
    2. You’re doing work-arounds and instituted manual processes to compensate for Continue reading →

Mind Over Machines

3 minute read

A Tutorial

Technology folks are used to blank stares when they talk about their work. But we’ve had a number of friends confess they’re not quite sure just what Mind Over Machines does.

The short version: We develop game-changing technology systems.

A more in depth primer.

  • We’re a consulting and technology services firm….

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The Fundamental Techie

4 minute reader

It’s a seller’s market when it comes to top IT talent. As enterprise technology has quickly occupied a larger and larger piece of the organizational asset pie, the technology recruiting scene has become more and more competitive. The Society for Human Resource Management released survey results last year that confirmed…

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Delivering Technology Projects

ThomasNet News Tech Trends Journal writer Faye Rivkin interviewed Mind Over Machines IT solutions expert Michael Askin for best practices on delivering high value manufacturing-related technology projects. The following article is reprinted here with permission from ThomasNet News Tech Trends Journal and with gratitude from Mind Over Machines.

Upgrading capabilities and…

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Dot Your “I”s and Cross Your “T”s

How can you ensure control over your software development project? Selecting a qualified IT vendor is only the first of many critical steps to take to protect your substantial investment and ensure a successful project.

The High Price of Selecting the Wrong IT Partner discusses the…

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Reminder: Your Technology Assessment is Overdue

9 minute read

How do you keep up with changes in your market? In lean times, you’ll likely pore over your budgets, evaluate your most important assets, and trim the fat here and there. And then when the big picture gets a little brighter, you’ll fatten up again. But is that preparation or…

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The High Price of Selecting the Wrong IT Partner

7 minute read

Every big IT project is intimidating. Organizations outsource these to an IT partner because they don’t have (or necessarily need) in-house expertise in specialty areas such as user experience design, enterprise information systems, software development, legacy systems management, cloud computing, and/or anything big data!

You count on your IT partner to…

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Nightmares in Technology Projects

6 minute read

It’s a scary notion, beginning a new technology project. You know it’s going to hurt your budget; you think you know what you need, but then those techie people tell you something completely different; and what if something better comes along while you’re halfway through your project? Your fears are…

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