SOA Long and Thanks For All The Fiche

9 minute read

What’s the best approach for transitioning from physical records (paper and microfiche) to digital records for your organization? Should you just rip the bandage off and have it done all at once? Or should you build capacity into your systems, in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) fashion, to transition incrementally, over a…

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For Safety’s Sake, Store Your Data in the Cloud

4 minute read

Of great concern to most organizations is data protection and security. Yet, according to an Aberdeen Group Benchmark Report, more than 44 percent of companies with 100 to 1,000 employees do not have a disaster recovery strategy in place. Even companies that have a formal plan may not have the…

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Legacy systems?

3 minute read

The adage “Everything old is new again” may apply to fashion or even music, but for business owners saddled with outdated information technology systems, there’s nothing charming about a “retro,”  or legacy, IT system.  The truth is, legacy systems can slow business down and wrest away any sense of control…

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Welcome to the Cloud Neighborhood

10 minute read

Your system is mission critical. It has hundreds, thousands, or even millions of daily users and it must continue to perform its functions no matter what. But it’s now 10-15 years old, and though it has served its purpose faithfully and is still a solid performer, the time has come…

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Razing a Legacy System

11 minute read

“Decommission the legacy system” is one issue that never seems to get priority on the agenda.  Month after month, this major decision sits in the old business category, dwarfed by the other initiatives. With an excitement factor of zero, and a tenuous link to business goals, the prospect of investing…

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The Technical Debt Trap

10 minute read

Back then – it was just what you needed. You built a good looking website to front your business, and customers used it like the Yellow Pages. It was your online corporate brochure. But what was cutting edge just a few years ago is now common, and may convey the…

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Delivering Technology Projects

ThomasNet News Tech Trends Journal writer Faye Rivkin interviewed Mind Over Machines IT solutions expert Michael Askin for best practices on delivering high value manufacturing-related technology projects. The following article is reprinted here with permission from ThomasNet News Tech Trends Journal and with gratitude from Mind Over Machines.

Upgrading capabilities and…

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Are You Ready for the Cloud?

7 minute read

Now that most in the business world have some level of awareness about “the cloud” and its benefits, there seems to be an explosion of hype, panic, and confusion. Who’s moved to the cloud? How did they do it? Should we do it? Will we lose our competitive edge if…

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Modernizing Legacy Systems

6 minute read

How do you know when it’s time to buy a new car? From a purely economic standpoint, the answer is simple: when the cost of maintaining your old vehicle becomes prohibitive. The same holds true for your legacy IT system.

If your business has aging IT infrastructure, you probably spend 75% of…

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