Waterfront Tech Series – What We Brought To The Table, Literally

The Waterfront Tech Series has been taking Baltimore by storm over the last year! Founded and produced by Laura Gaworecki of MOXIE Promotion, the quarterly networking and learning breakfast showcases the city’s crown jewels: our Inner Harbor and our innovative spirit.

Episode 4: The Future Is Now brought together heavy hitters from Charm City’s…

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How AI Can Support Your Creative Process

6 minute read

The organizers of the Social Media Baltimore (SoMeBa) meetup are brave.

When the instinctual human response to artificial intelligence is fear and anxiety (“The robots are taking over! They’re coming for our jobs!”), these folks sought more information. They asked: What is AI? How are marketers currently using it? Where is the technology…

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Is Blockchain Right for Your Business?

8 minute read

It’s a classic coming-of-age story: breakthrough technology excites technical community who experiment and evolve it; true believers champion the technology to a wider audience; it becomes a buzzword; the big guys swoop in to make it accessible to the masses.

Are we talking about artificial intelligence, conversational interfaces like Alexa, computer…

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Budgeting for Innovation

4 minute read

Mind Over Machines is all about innovation. Our CEO Tom Loveland recently explained why in his Q&A with the Maryland Chamber of Commerce:

Innovation is everything! It’s a primal urge. It’s what moves humanity forward. And it’s essential to business. Business without innovation is stagnation, which leads to…

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On the Radar: Augmented Reality is Coming to a Browser Near You

5 minute read

We’re debuting a new, recurring feature here on the Mind Over Machines blog! On the Radar will introduce you to innovations catching the attention and imagination of our foremost MINDs.

Google Article: What Is It?

Last month, under the banner “Augmented reality on the web, for everyone,” Google announced its new 3D…

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What Does CES 2018 Mean for Business?

7 minute read

CES 2018 – the Consumer Technology Association’s annual cavalcade of high-tech wonders – was held last week in Las Vegas. Honestly, we love the CES hype as much as anyone, but hype doesn’t always equal value. Mind Over Machines is about adding value to businesses, not about the newest consumer…

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Honey, I Shrunk the Furniture

7 minute read

It’s 2018. Not being able to visualize whether an armchair will ruin the feng shui of your living room before you purchase it is simply unacceptable. For this reason, and a few others, the innovators at Amazon have released AR View, the company’s new augmented reality shopping experience.

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Holistic Hiring Helps the Candidate and the Client

4 minute read

If you’ve spent any time in our Twitterverse lately, this won’t come as a surprise to you: We’re hiring! And like everything we undertake, Mind Over Machines puts our own unique spin on the process.

Sure, that alphabet soup resume with its lengthy language list will more than likely secure you…

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Microsoft Gold Partner

2 Minute Read

Partnership means a lot to Mind Over Machines. We strive to be more than another vendor to our clients. Through collaboration, celebrating success, and sharing challenges, we work to be an extension of our clients. We expect the same from our vendors and have consistently found this partnership with Microsoft.


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When You Get Stuck, Talk to the Duck

3 Minute Read
What It Means to “Rubber Duck Debug”

Do you ever get stuck on a coding problem and, to help figure it out, you begin talking to yourself, or to a rubber duck on your desk?  Just me? Okay. Well, it’s unfortunate society associates self-talk with lunacy, because this underutilized problem-solving tool is excellent for debugging.

Think about it: have you ever approached a fellow developer with a tech problem and half way through explaining…

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