Change Management: Planning for Successful Change

You know organizational change is challenging. I’ll spare you the gloom and doom change management statistics because:
(A) The claim that 70% of organizational change initiatives fail has been widely discredited.
(B) Constantly harping about how hard change is just becomes “a toxic self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Change may not be easy, but it is the one constant of the human condition. We’ve been changing (evolving) since our ancestors started banging stones into tools, and look how far we’ve come! Your organization can absolutely achieve meaningful change; you just have to plan for it. Let me introduce you to the three phases of successful change management.

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Automation for Finance & Accounting

Welcome aboard, finance professionals!

Yes, it looks like we are now in the same boat. For years, digital transformation soothsayers have been pointing to the rise of cloud computing and DevOps as a sign that IT professionals must step up and claim our rightful role as strategic business advisers and change agents. We are no longer janitors of tech. Now, similarly, your role is evolving beyond cash maintenance.

Automation and artificial intelligence are paving the way for finance experts to move from cash counters to value/wealth creators. Put down the calculator. Close the Excel spreadsheet. Join our strategic business advisory.

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Checklist: Evaluate Your Association Management System

The fact is 93% of associations use membership management software, but is it meeting their needs? Or does it have so many manual processes, band-aids and add-ons that it looks like Frankenstein’s monster? Your Association Management System (AMS) is the lifeblood of your organization. How do you evaluate its ability to nourish and sustain all the different body parts?

Having shepherded several clients through AMS selection, implementation and migration, I’ve assembled this checklist of what to consider and how. The process doesn’t have to be a subjective, go-with-your-gut whirlwind. In fact, for best results it really shouldn’t be. Here’s how to impose order on an overwhelming process by objectively weighing your needs against the existing options.

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Putting People at the Center of Digital Transformation

New Year, New You. Work smarter. Run faster. Be Better! Maybe it’s just the time of year, but as a society, as a culture – heck, as a species – we sure do seem to be obsessed with change.

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