Business Intelligence Sans Perfect Data

Business intelligence (BI) is a little like starting a business or becoming a parent. You know there are big potential benefits (e.g., improved data visualization, operational efficiency and decision-making), but it’s an intimidating prospect. If you wait until you’re completely 100% ready, you’ll never take the leap.

Gartner says a whopping 87% of organizations are missing out on emerging analytics technology because they have “low BI maturity.” How do you get mature? Well, you have to start somewhere, right? It may be time to take Nike’s advice and “Just Do It.”

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MTForecast Recap: Manufacturing & Data

Last week I had the chance to go to Cleveland, the Rock and Roll Capital of the World and this year’s home of MTForecast from the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT). The theme of the conference was “Visualizing the future” and there was a lot of chatter around industry trends and data within the manufacturing economy.

My head was certainly all about data and its connections to manufacturing.

Here are my three takeaways:

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Who’s in Charge of Your Data?

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Data is not just for collecting and reporting; and if treated as a strategic asset, data can produce some game-changing business results. But who pilots the enterprise’s data strategy in order to fulfill its business objectives?

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