Navigating the Power Shift with AI, Sales, and Customer Relationships

Originally posted on the Salesforce blog.
6 minute read

When Tiffani first started her sales career back in the late 1990s, sales still controlled much of the buyer’s journey. Reps would provide product demonstrations, sharing pricing, and arranging customer references.

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How CRMs Help Nonprofits Serve

8 minute read

We’ve been trying hard lately to convince people that CRMs do more than track customers. They are not the exclusive domain of corporate sales and marketing. That’s why we prefer to call them XRMs, where the X stands for any variable you want to track. But if you’re not a math person, that pseudonym may make you uneasy.

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6 Lesser-Known Uses for Your CRM

9 minute read

Last week, Mike convinced you to push through your anxieties to find the CRM that works for you. Now you have this perfectly tailored CRM that fits the way you do business. It’s saving you all kinds of time and money and offering fresh new business insights. You use it to track marketing, sales and service. That’s what CRMs do, right?

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3 Common CRM Myths: Busted

7 minute read

Poor data quality, outdated systems, broken business processes. These are the top complaints we hear from technology leaders – and every other type of strategic leader, from finance to operations.

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What is a CRM?

3 minute read

Whether or not they realize it, every business engages in customer relationship management (CRM). They develop and exercise processes and strategies to grow and maintain their customer base, with activities encompassing the entire customer lifecycle, from lead to loyalty.

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The Times, They Are ‘A Changin’

3 minute read

It’s not news that the world of technology is changing. Anyone who operates in our society today is very aware of how technology continues to evolve and become increasingly integral to our lifestyle, professions, and even our health. The article below walks through some situations that you may be familiar with and highlights how modern Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs) are able to enhance typical business operations.

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The Changing Landscape of CRM

5 Minute Read

The following article was penned by our Director of Consulting, Dustin Sitton. It provides a more technical view of how advancements in CRM offerings are changing the way consultants and developers operate.

Developers Have Been Waiting for This…Or Have They?

The promise of an enterprise application so flexible and easy to use that it eliminates the need for traditional custom software development has been talked about for a long time. Until recently, developers have 

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Technology Change Reaps Rewards

2 minute read

Technology enables change, and change drives success. We measure success in terms of change: increases, decreases, percentages, growth and trends. But how do we define change? Transformation? Innovation? Conversion? Shift? Transition?

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