Automation for Finance & Accounting

Welcome aboard, finance professionals!

Yes, it looks like we are now in the same boat. For years, digital transformation soothsayers have been pointing to the rise of cloud computing and DevOps as a sign that IT professionals must step up and claim our rightful role as strategic business advisers and change agents. We are no longer janitors of tech. Now, similarly, your role is evolving beyond cash maintenance.

Automation and artificial intelligence are paving the way for finance experts to move from cash counters to value/wealth creators. Put down the calculator. Close the Excel spreadsheet. Join our strategic business advisory.

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Recap: Microsoft Ignite 2019 & the Future of Work

Well, hello there! How productive were you today? Did you create an AI app before breakfast? Take all the data you have access to and apply machine learning to make some huge business decisions?

Welcome to the new way to run a business, according to Microsoft. This week, Microsoft hosted its annual Ignite Conference in Orlando, Florida. The conference was full of compelling keynotes, learning paths, and intriguing updates on where the company is headed.

What do we think? The MINDs at Mind Over Machines kept close track of Microsoft Ignite 2019. Here’s our take:

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Digital Twins: Virtual Life in the Real World

8 minute read

“We will never make productivity gains like we did with the Industrial Revolution.”

This statement, made at a lecture I recently attended, really stuck with me because I disagreed with it so strongly.

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Navigating the Power Shift with AI, Sales, and Customer Relationships

Originally posted on the Salesforce blog.
6 minute read

When Tiffani first started her sales career back in the late 1990s, sales still controlled much of the buyer’s journey. Reps would provide product demonstrations, sharing pricing, and arranging customer references.

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Augmented Humans Are the Future of the Workplace

This past Tuesday, PSA Insurance & Financial Services kicked off its 2019 Partnership Seminar Series with our very own Tim Kulp talking about a topic near and dear to our hearts and MINDs: How emerging technologies can augment humans in the workplace.

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AI Cybersecurity Battles Over Breakfast

5 minute read

The Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) has our state’s cybersecurity scene covered. As a nonprofit, CAMI’s mission is to strengthen Maryland’s cybersecurity industry by growing the talent pool and connecting business and government with the cybersecurity professionals, products, and services that best meet their needs. Networking is a big part of what CAMI does. Their website hosts a cybersecurity jobs board and vendor directory, and yes, they sponsor lots of great events throughout the state.

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