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Which is Smarter: Native or Web Mobile App Development?

Dear MOM,

Our company really needs a better functioning mobile version of our software. We’re really tired of trying to use our system on our cell phones and tablets.  Is there an app for that?

Exploring Mobile

Dear Exploring Mobile,

Ha! That’s funny! Of course there’s no app for that, but there are plenty of options for you! 

You need to decide which approach to mobile software development is most appropriate for your company: native or web?

A custom-built native app will always win all of the aesthetic and exciting feature points. However, you may not need those advanced performance features, and in that case, an HTML5 (web-based) application might have everything you need. 

We wrote a great post, comparing these two types of development, that will help you start your mobile conversation: The Race To Enterprise Mobile Apps, Navigating the Native vs. Web Course.

Congratulations on going mobile – it’s about time! You and your employees are going to be so happy – and so much more productive!

About MOM

MOM is a seasoned IT advisor, business consultant, and former programmer. She wrote her first program many years ago, on the UNIVAC I, in COBOL. After skating punch tape around all day, she got to talking and giggling with a co-worker and wrote a “hot or not” program ranking the eligible bachelors in the office. From there, MOM's career in IT took off, and she gained a reputation as a go-to advisor for technology solutions that revitalize business. Drawing from over 25 years in the ever-changing technology landscape, MOM has seen it all - from dramatic growth to dismal failure. Her history of "coming through in the clutch" has saved numerous projects (and businesses...and careers) from certain disaster, and we are proud to call on MOM for her wisdom, her savvy and of course, her advice.