Work Better – Together

Mind Over Machines offers expertise for every phase and milestone of a successful SharePoint implementation:

  • Initial Planning
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Configuration
  • Customization
  • Go-Live Support
  • Post Go-Live Support
  • Long-term Managed Services

Mind Over Machines also provides consulting and migration services from a full spectrum of non-SharePoint based platforms into SharePoint, including Documentum, LiveLink, eRoom, FileNet, and many more.

Every custom or tailored SharePoint solution is developed using SharePoint and Office 365 best practices to ensure scalability for any future hybrid cloud requirements.

What’s your business goal?

Get Rid of Chaotic Shared Drives and Out of Control Folders – If you are implementing SharePoint for the first time, expert implementation is critical. SharePoint has some very tricky nuances that only experienced SharePoint developers can navigate for you. Visit our Implementation section to learn more.

Improved Productivity – The whole purpose of SharePoint is to help businesses solve their unique communications and collaboration problems. If you’re ready to create the right solution for your company and finally get everyone on the same page, visit our Custom Development section.

SharePoint Upgrade – If you’re still on SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2007 (gasp), please visit our Upgrade & Migration section right away! The longer you wait, the more complicated – and expensive – your upgrade process becomes.

Custom Cloud Solution – The cloud is in your business future – that’s a fact. Visit our Microsoft Azure Development section to learn how we’ll tailor your enterprise solution with compatibility and scalability in mind.

Compliance – If you have significant compliance issues to address, then a governance strategy is mandatory. Visit our Governance Strategy & Implementation to learn how to develop your strategy around your people, process, technology and policy.

We Just Spent a Ton of Money on a New SharePoint Site and Nobody’s Using It – If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your SharePoint implementation, you’re not alone. Having proper support in place is the only way to achieve a healthy and successful SharePoint experience. Visit our Managed Services and Support to learn more about our SharePoint satisfaction services.