Know What Lies Beneath Your IT Surface

If you’re an investor, a mergers and acquisitions professional, new IT management, or any other major technology stakeholder, you need to know – precisely – what an organization’s technology assets are worth.

  • What’s the life expectancy of the current technology? Is it worth ongoing investment?
  • Is the technology scalable? Will it help or hinder company growth plans?
  • Has the technology been accurately valued? How do you know?
  • Can you prove that the technology meets industry compliance standards? (If you can’t prove it, then you’re out of compliance!)
  • Is your cloud migration plan the right move at the right time? Which systems should you move first? Which should stay put?

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Mind Over Machines IT Assessments

Type of Assessment Description When You Need It
Enterprise IT and Architecture Assessment Holistic assessment of the health, resiliency, scalability, security and compliance of IT across some or all lines of business
  • Launching a new product, entering a new market, new line of business
  • To understand risks to growth and capabilities needed to achieve growth
  • In preparation for sale, merger, acquisition or investment
  • New executive management or division head
Software Assessment A comprehensive review of all tiers, development patterns and practices that make up the software solution
  • Acquisition or investment in a product or custom solution
  • Removing major pain points by identifying bottlenecks, gaps, and risks
  • Determining the ROI and viability to meet future needs
Infrastructure Assessment An analysis of existing software and hardware capacities, and their abilities to support the business in the near to long term.
  • Determine the feasibility of cloud migration
  • Assess regulatory and compliance concerns
  • Test resiliency, scalability, and disaster recovery
  • Optimize existing capacity to reduce overhead
Cloud Readiness Assessment An analysis of existing environment and applications to determine migration feasibility.
  • Determining long-term cloud costs
  • Integrating cloud and on premises solutions
  • Navigating liability, security, and compliance considerations


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