Is Your Company Surviving Disruption or Driving Innovation?

  • If you’re in IT, print, retail, telecommunications or travel – you are in the middle of major disruption. You only saw it coming if you were looking for it. How will you stay in the game?
  • If you’re in automotive or chemical – the seeds that were planted years are just about to explode. Your business models will never be the same. What’s your pivot plan?
  • If you’re in pharmaceutical, financial services, or consumer packaged goods industries –you are either blazing the path or you’re eating the dust of the trailblazers. The competitive landscape is forever altered…and altering. What’s your plan for the inevitable?

Why An Innovation Lab is the Answer

An Innovation Lab senses disruptive shifts within technologies and regions; identifies emerging threats, develops potential tools for disruption, and capitalizes on innovation. Also referred to as an “outpost,” the first priority of an Innovation Lab is to “sense” innovation by actively engaging with leaders who innovate. Nearly 60% of the technology you’ve used was created in an Innovation Lab. Here are just a few of the most famous examples:

Amazon Nike Google Apple
Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle HD, Dash button, Fire TV, Fire Stick, Kindle Phone, Echo, Tap, Dot … Performance, Research, Fuel Band, Nike+ … Self-Driving Cars, Google Glass, Project Fi… iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod…
Microsoft HP Lowe’s Facebook
ClearType, Text-to-Speech Recognition, Sideshow, IPv6 support, XBOX Kinect, Photosynth, Bing Twitter integration, F#, .NET Generics, SQL Server Decision Trees, Digital Ink, Surface, Roundtable, Video Search… LED, Scientific Calculators, Laser printing, Ultrasounds, RISC processing, 3D imaging, re-writable DVDs, digital cameras… 3D printing, Collision Avoidance, Natural Language Processing… RFID greenhouse, IoT air pollution monitors, ubiquitous messaging…

Our Innovation Lab Is Your Innovation Lab

Your company probably doesn’t have the resources to dedicate to an Innovation Lab.  Mind Over Machines does. Recognizing that small to mid-sized businesses have limited resources to dedicate to strategic innovation – or even R&D – Mind Over Machines operates the region’s first corporate Innovation Lab: a program chartered to help companies defend from the competition, spread existing investments, and develop disruptive innovations through partnership.

  • Create an internal corporate culture of innovation and productivity
  • Attract and retain the smartest people
  • Become known as innovators; disruptors
  • Be the place everyone wants to work

The Innovation Lab is a lab of labs: leveraging thought leadership, strategic best practices, and innovative leading edge technologies at a fraction of the cost.