One Of A Kind – Every Time

Every system we create is a custom mix of the freshest technologies available.

We know how software systems should be built. We know how to orchestrate successful user adoption. Our quarter century of developing custom software gives us  – and our clients – a huge advantage over most firms who specialize in only one type of development.

Clients come to Mind Over Machines for help solving the tough stuff.

Happening Now:

  1. The national company with satellite offices in nearly every state had extremely complex IT systems, and needed to replace its ancient CRM system. They chose us over an award-winning, Microsoft CRM partner, because our solution was much more sophisticated, yet easier to use, and integrated seamlessly into the company’s IT infrastructure.
  2. Following our recommendations from a software assessment, the healthcare company shopped around for a product to replace its 10-year old core operating system. But they couldn’t they find one that would do everything it needed, and the costs to purchase and implement were three times the costs of custom development. So here we are in our sweet spot: delivering exactly what our client needs and saving them time and money.
  3. The financial services company needed automated monthly reporting, but they had no IT infrastructure at all. This was a doozy of a problem whose solution involved the cloud, a really slick application, and the most clever use of SharePoint we’ve ever implemented.
  4. The movie production company needed to track international royalties, which meant complicated transactions calculations. They thought they needed a custom application and thought it would take months to build. Instead, after weighing out custom software versus custom CRM, we built them their dream system in half the anticipated time and at half the expected expense.

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