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We’re pleased to announce that Dustin Sitton has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer. It’s an appointment he’s definitely earned, given his terrific passion, ability, and dedication to the success of our clients and teammates. Moving forward, Dustin is tasked with continuously strengthening the organization’s technical depth and tool kit, and ensuring that we always respond to client needs with the most appropriate solutions.

Dustin came to Mind Over Machines in 2012, when the firm acquired business and technology consultancy The Seva Group. He had been a Senior Microsoft Architect at Seva, and led a transformation of that group away from sunsetting technology to a modern software development stack.

Since his arrival here, Dustin has been instrumental in reshaping our market offering. Most notably, he championed a shift in the company’s focus from Custom Software Development almost all the time to Software as a Service (SaaS) a lot of the time.

“Though this was a massive paradigm shift, it was the right decision,” explains Mind Over Machines Founder and CEO Tom Loveland. “We are better prepared for the future because of Dustin’s actions and the decision-making process he helped drive.”

Mind Over Machines COO, Dmitry Cherches, praises Dustin’s ability to connect with clients.

“There are so many technical people out there who feel the need to bury the client in industry jargon to prove their expertise,” says Dmitry. “Dustin has a special ability to listen effectively, connect with clients, and suss out the crux of a given challenge. He understands client needs, enabling him to present the best solution to meet those needs.”

Another reason clients like Dustin so much is that he has his finger on the pulse of many technologies in the marketplace. He puts in the time to understand them and their probable trajectories so that he can advise clients.

“I refuse to tell people what is different about a new software improvement simply because I read a bullet point on a product webpage. I need and want to go learn what is different by experiencing and living those changes myself.”

This penchant for learning and discovery is a trait that has marked Dustin his entire life. As a child, he would often dismantle household appliances to see how they worked. And currently, he’s constructing a facial recognition system that he hopes will keep the family cat from bringing mice inside! He asserts that it’s this revelry in the minutiae that has brought him success.

“I am still enamored by the lessons I learn from the way each piece fits into and affects the whole process,” says Dustin. “Technology has unlocked opportunities for me to use these lessons to solve complex business puzzles. My success with high level strategic initiatives is a product of spending a majority of my life reveling in minutiae.”