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Mind Over Machines understands that our clients want not only the best technology solutions, they also want the process of implementing those solutions to be painless and even enjoyable. That’s why we’re especially excited to announce Carrie Schuckle’s appointment to the newly created role of Chief Delivery Officer.

As CDO, Carrie is responsible for all project delivery, collaborating with our architects and project managers to ensure successful implementation and adoption of the company’s solutions, for maximum client benefit.

The creation of this position speaks to Mind Over Machines’ commitment to not only match our clients with the perfect technology fit, but also to make the process of arriving at that solution as seamless, efficient, and downright pleasant as possible.

And Carrie is the ideal person to make that happen.

“Being a CDO requires a special skill set,” explains Mind Over Machines Founder and CEO Tom Loveland. “Carrie has a knack for anticipating disharmony, challenging assumptions, codifying processes and ultimately shepherding a project to a satisfying finish.”

She brings more than 15 years of exceptional project management oversight and technology consulting to this new role. Carrie began her career as a software developer with a deep interest in business analysis. Never content to be merely a masterful developer, she always found herself looking beyond the technical solution and addressing the bigger picture of how she could help improve a business’ processes and deliver greater value. This penchant for helping companies maximize their technology solutions, coupled with her winsome ability to connect with people, has perfectly suited her to become Mind Over Machines’s new Chief Delivery Officer.

And it’s a role she relishes.

“At Mind Over Machines, our promise-makers are the promise-keepers,” Carrie explains. “It is so satisfying to carefully listen to our clients’ needs and partner with them to deliver ideal solutions that build their business.”

Mind Over Machines CEO Tom Loveland is particularly happy that Carrie is the new CDO.

“Carrie brings a deep understanding of both technology and organizational management, and the people skills needed to help clients turn both into a win,” said Loveland. “Her cheerful demeanor, technical proficiency, commitment to excellence, and passion for team development, make her an asset to our clients and the perfect fit for this new role.”