What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?


Big data is big business. Trillions of bytes of information are generated everyday by businesses large and small. And right in the middle of the big data picture are consumers as they browse, shop, share and communicate both online and offline.

Business leaders are now faced with a new challenge of harnessing, analyzing, and gaining insight from this massive amount of data. Huge opportunities await those that rise to this challenge and take action.

At a recent technology talk hosted by Mind Over Machines, we heard success stories from a diverse group of organizations who made their data a priority. Here are the results they achieved:

  • A legal services firm that was so good at mining courtroom data for clients, it spun out its own prospecting business, which was profitable from week 1
  • A healthcare  provider that grew to $3B by rapidly acquiring the best targets while its competitors were still trying to figure out which deals were worth pursuing
  • A corporate services firm that mashed and enhanced public databases to identify the best prospects, blowing sales through the roof

We also heard how data mining and clever social media turned raw data into a living, breathing movement that changed minds and even policy: data helped us beat the Maryland Tech Tax!

With data you can dig deeper and do amazing things, like exposing relationships and opportunities that weren’t obvious. From a strategic standpoint, data can be instrumental in helping you pinpoint and achieve your top business priorities.

If you’d like help giving your data some better attention, contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.

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