Mind Over Machines

A Tutorial

Technology folks are used to blank stares when they talk about their work. But we’ve had a number of friends confess they’re not quite sure just what Mind Over Machines does.

The short version: We develop game-changing technology systems.

A more in depth primer.

  • We’re a consulting and technology services firm. (Yeah…yaaaawn)
  • We work with businesses, government and other entities to help them do what they do better with technology — sometimes creating enterprise-wide systems, sometimes with single applications. (Getting closer?)
  • And down to the practical — the three central tenets of our approach and expertise (w/3-ring diagram):

Business insight and analysis. From what keeps you up at night to what your customers want and need, we focus on understanding your business, goals and operations so that we can develop solutions that help get you where you need to go.  If not a little further.

Human insight.  Technology gets you nowhere fast if the people who engage with it don’t get it, can’t use it or won’t embrace it.

Technology. Not to dismiss it, but this is almost the easy part.  It’s determining the right approach that enables us to make business better, to create impact.

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