Why You Should Invest In Keeping Attackers Out

Cyber War

by MOM

Cybersecurity isn’t a line item or a project—it’s an Information Age imperative. Sophisticated digital defense aims to match the human body, with hardware and software doing digitally what biology does chemically—sorting the pernicious from the beneficial, while keeping systems running … more

Technology Change Reaps Rewards

How blazed a new trail

by MOM

Technology enables change, and change drives success. We measure success in terms of change: increases, decreases, percentages, growth and trends. But how do we define change? Transformation? Innovation? Conversion? Shift? Transition? Powerful data mining systems transform boring data into hidden treasures.  … more

Mind Over Machines

by MOM

A Tutorial Technology folks are used to blank stares when they talk about their work. But we’ve had a number of friends confess they’re not quite sure just what Mind Over Machines does. The short version: We develop game-changing technology … more