5 Things Not to Automate

We are Automation Nation. You know McKinsey’s stat: at least 30% to 60% of jobs can be automated with today’s technology. How much of your job have you managed to automate? We’re so proud of saving time and money, working smarter, being uber-efficient. I myself have several digital twins to do the grunt work so I can focus on higher-level tasks. And it’s not just me…

Now the business world is abuzz with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Gartner just crowned it the fastest growing enterprise software market. I’m excited about RPA because it’s machines using computers the way humans do–not with data and inputs, but with visual cues and logic; jumping around based on what data is available when.

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Checklist: Evaluate Your Association Management System

The fact is 93% of associations use membership management software, but is it meeting their needs? Or does it have so many manual processes, band-aids and add-ons that it looks like Frankenstein’s monster? Your Association Management System (AMS) is the lifeblood of your organization. How do you evaluate its ability to nourish and sustain all the different body parts?

Having shepherded several clients through AMS selection, implementation and migration, I’ve assembled this checklist of what to consider and how. The process doesn’t have to be a subjective, go-with-your-gut whirlwind. In fact, for best results it really shouldn’t be. Here’s how to impose order on an overwhelming process by objectively weighing your needs against the existing options.

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Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience: Free Webinar from ACT-IAC

Recently, our resident bot and human expert, Tim Kulp, sat down for a webinar with ACT-IAC on Customer Experience: Chatbots, AI, and the Future of CX led by Tom Adams of NewWave.

Kulp was joined by, Corey Wagner, Deputy Chief Customer Experience for the Environmental Protection Agency and they both shared their thoughts on how artificial intelligence is evolving customer experience.

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CEO Culture Hacks: Core Values In The Workplace – Learn, Grow, Stretch

Learn, Grow, Stretch. This is Mind Over Machines’ mantra for improving the self. It is also a list of guiding workplace values. Let’s start with “Learn,” a broad imperative with many facets.

As a software and data consultancy, our company purpose statement is to enrich lives by enabling people to work smarter. So, of course, we expect our MINDs to be working toward mastery of technical subject matter. More importantly, we also are working toward mastery of our selves—our thoughts, emotions, actions and their repercussions. It’s commonly known as emotional intelligence, and has several elements.

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#ASAE19: Chatbot FAQ for Associations

“Learn & Play with Purpose”—that was the motto for last week’s ASAE 2019 Annual Meeting in Columbus, OH. And that’s exactly what Stefan, Steve and I did! It was great to talk with association leadership from all over the country, getting a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities they currently face, including chatbots.

Judging from the engagement at my Using Bots to Modernize Communications and Engagement Express Talk, association professionals realize chatbots can be a powerful tool for connecting with their busy membership. (Maybe they read my last blog post!)

But there were a few questions that kept coming up throughout ASAE 2019. So I figured I’d answer them here for posterity:

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Chatbot Development Moves Associations Beyond Transaction to Conversation

Getting your members’ attention is hard. Like you, they are busy people, constantly inundated with information, offers and requests.

According to Naylor’s 2018 Association Communications Benchmarking Study, 2 out of 3 association communicators say their members are just too busy to interact with their content. So it’s no surprise that “Combating information overload and cutting through information clutter” came in as associations’ #1 communication challenge.

But what if you’re looking at this problem all wrong?

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Clone Yourself with a Digital Twin

“I’m so busy I need to clone myself,” said every business professional ever. The internet is littered with articles on how to optimize your routine to squeeze more time out of the day, but this isn’t one of them. Instead, I’m going to show you how to delegate your work to your new Digital Twin(s).

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CEO Culture Hacks: Bring Your Brilliance

Let’s continue our exploration of Mind Over Machines’ culture by picking up where we left off: We started with the primacy of self-care, why and how to be kind to oneself.

When our MINDs are thriving, their natural inclination is to help others thrive by enabling them to work smarter, which just happens to match our mission:

To Enrich Lives by Helping the World Work Smarter.  

We drive this through our prime directive:

Bring Your Brilliance.
It can be done smarter, often much smarter.
Find the breakthrough. Share your insights!

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