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What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?

Big data is getting tons of attention these days. But why?

by MOM

Big data is big business. Trillions of bytes of information are generated everyday by businesses large and small. And right in the middle of the big data picture are consumers as they browse, shop, share and communicate both online and … more


Enterprise Mobility – Doing It Better

Could your enterprise mobility strategy be “better”?

by MOM

“To better the world through information technology.” We take our mission seriously, especially when it comes to making our client’s world better. But what exactly does “better” mean? Working smarter? Faster? More efficiently? Expanding sales opportunities? The best technology strategy … more


Legacy systems?

Duct tape is not the answer

by MOM

The adage “Everything old is new again” may apply to fashion or even music, but for business owners saddled with outdated information technology systems, there’s nothing charming about a “retro,”  or legacy, IT system.  The truth is, legacy systems can … more