Inside the Mind of the CIO

Demonstrating value can often be synonymous with “mission impossible” for many business units, with the obvious exception of the sales team or any team whose primary function is to generate revenue. Demonstrating the value (not to mention value-add) of a stellar IT department is even more challenging, as IT has long functioned as a support or cost center.

However, as technology plays an increasingly expansive role in enterprise strategy, corporate leaders have begun to shift their perceptions of IT and are now including IT on the front end, the strategic business planning phase, rather than just on the back end, in the implementation or operational phase.

This evolution, however, is lagging behind the hyper-paced technology world.

To help get the conversations started, Mind Over Machines brought together more than 40 CIOs and C-suite executives from notable organizations, including Gartner, Inc., the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and World Wildlife Fund (WWF), for a series of roundtable discussions to better understand how IT leaders can 1) frame the value of IT and 2) effectively communicate that value to the rest of the enterprise and beyond.

Our resulting whitepaper presents challenging self-analytical questions CIOs can ask themselves and their executive teams to better measure and leverage their IT resources. The responses distill participating CIOs’ thoughts on and approaches to shifting the emphasis from cost to IT value.

Download the discussion and learn how to create value for your organization by maximizing your IT resources. Mission accomplished.

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