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“To better the world through information technology.” We take our mission seriously, especially when it comes to making our client’s world better. But what exactly does “better” mean? Working smarter? Faster? More efficiently? Expanding sales opportunities? The best technology strategy can only be developed once objectives are clearly understood.

As mobile technology matures, so do the demands of employees, who want “better” and easier access to data from their devices. Gone are the days of only using a company smart phone for calls, emails and texts. Employees’ mobile business “wants” now extend to CRM, business intelligence, custom corporate apps, and more.

The increasingly popular “Bring You Own Device” (BYOD) concept has a huge impact as well. Suddenly companies find themselves supporting multiple proliferating technology platforms instead of a single corporate standard. And an employee using a personal smart phone or tablet for work may be happier and may save their company money, but a mobile device used for business could very well be the same device a child uses to play Angry Birds or visit Facebook at night. Companies can no longer set firm boundaries around the apps, programs and web sites employees can visit. With BYOD, employees expect access to all of their core systems — business and personal — via their mobile devices.

This scenario presents huge complexity, data security and resource challenges for businesses, as most are not set up to deal with this new demand. Have you, as an organization, thought about the security of the mobile devices used by your employees? What structures and processes do you have in place to manage multiple mobile application platforms? Do you have the resources to port your corporate apps to the next device that comes along?

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