When You Get Stuck, Talk to the Duck

by MOM

What It Means to “Rubber Duck Debug 3 Minute Read Do you ever get stuck on a coding problem and, to help figure it out, you begin talking to yourself, or to a rubber duck on your desk?  Just me? Okay. Well, it’s unfortunate society associates self-talk with lunacy, because this underutilized problem-solving tool … more

The Times, They Are ‘A Changin’

by MOM

5 Minute Read It’s not news that the world of technology is changing. Anyone who operates in our society today is very aware of how technology continues to evolve and become increasingly integral to our lifestyle, professions, and even our health. … more

The Changing Landscape of CRM

by MOM

6 Minute Read   The following article was penned by our Director of Consulting, Dustin Sitton. It provides a more technical view of how advancements in CRM offerings are changing the way consultants and developers operate. – – – – … more

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