Blog Roundup: Core Values in the Workplace

It’s the week of Thanksgiving—and teams across the country are starting to slow down and think Turkey! Thanksgiving brings a time of reflection and an opportunity to exercise your gratitude mindset. At Mind Over Machines, we are grateful to have CEO and Founder, Tom Loveland at the helm, because he values and champions innovative workplace culture.

This past year, Loveland shared his CEO Culture Hacks on our blog. So, before you head out for the holidays, have a read, get inspired, and figure out how to bring imagination, innovation, and creativity to your team.

The Personal Kindness Imperative

In the first of the series, Loveland introduces core values in the workplace with an exploration of kindness. This encompasses kindness to self, kindness to others, and the Platinum Rule.

Bring Your Brilliance

We believe work can often be done smarter, often much smarter. In this piece Loveland examines how employees can embrace their genius and bring their brilliance to work. It’s a great read for anyone wondering how to help their teams find breakthroughs and share more insights.

Learn, Grow, Stretch

In a world where artificial intelligence dominates the news, Mind Over Machines takes a human-centric approach to software and data consultancy—and it shows in our culture. Internally, we are working toward mastery of our selves. This means examining our thoughts, emotions, actions and their repercussions through emotional intelligence.

Stay tuned in the coming months for more CEO Culture Hacks.

Happy Thanksgiving!