Clone Yourself with a Digital Twin

“I’m so busy I need to clone myself,” said every business professional ever. The internet is littered with articles on how to optimize your routine to squeeze more time out of the day, but this isn’t one of them. Instead, I’m going to show you how to delegate your work to your new Digital Twin(s).

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Digital Twins: Virtual Life in the Real World

8 minute read

“We will never make productivity gains like we did with the Industrial Revolution.”

This statement, made at a lecture I recently attended, really stuck with me because I disagreed with it so strongly.

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HoloLens – Mixed Reality and Fluent Design

Originally published on MSDN Magazine.

Microsoft has been pushing hard at mixed reality (MR) development since it introduced HoloLens in 2014, and at the Build 2018 conference in May, it provided a wealth of great insight into new features in the Unity development environment for MR, as well as UI design best practices. In this article, I’ll leverage the technical guidance presented at Build to show how the Microsoft Fluent Design System can be used to build immersive experiences in MR—specifically, a HoloLens app that allows non-verbal children to communicate via pictograms.

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Waterfront Tech Series – What We Brought To The Table, Literally

5 minute read

The Waterfront Tech Series has been taking Baltimore by storm over the last year! Founded and produced by Laura Gaworecki of MOXIE Promotion, the quarterly networking and learning breakfast showcases the city’s crown jewels: our Inner Harbor and our innovative spirit.

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How AI Can Support Your Creative Process

4 minute read

The organizers of the Social Media Baltimore (SoMeBa) meetup are brave.

When the instinctual human response to artificial intelligence is fear and anxiety (“The robots are taking over! They’re coming for our jobs!”), these folks sought more information. They asked: 

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On the Radar: Augmented Reality is Coming to a Browser Near You

3 minute read

We’re debuting a new, recurring feature here on the Mind Over Machines blog! On the Radar will introduce you to innovations catching the attention and imagination of our foremost MINDs.

Google Article: What Is It?

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