Blog Roundup: Core Values in the Workplace

It’s the week of Thanksgiving—and teams across the country are starting to slow down and think Turkey! Thanksgiving brings a time of reflection and an opportunity to exercise your gratitude mindset. At Mind Over Machines, we are grateful to have CEO and Founder, Tom Loveland at the helm, because he values and champions innovative workplace culture.

This past year, Loveland shared his CEO Culture Hacks on our blog. So, before you head out for the holidays, have a read, get inspired, and figure out how to bring imagination, innovation, and creativity to your team.

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Recap: Microsoft Ignite 2019 & the Future of Work

Well, hello there! How productive were you today? Did you create an AI app before breakfast? Take all the data you have access to and apply machine learning to make some huge business decisions?

Welcome to the new way to run a business, according to Microsoft. This week, Microsoft hosted its annual Ignite Conference in Orlando, Florida. The conference was full of compelling keynotes, learning paths, and intriguing updates on where the company is headed.

What do we think? The MINDs at Mind Over Machines kept close track of Microsoft Ignite 2019. Here’s our take:

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Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience: Free Webinar from ACT-IAC

Recently, our resident bot and human expert, Tim Kulp, sat down for a webinar with ACT-IAC on Customer Experience: Chatbots, AI, and the Future of CX led by Tom Adams of NewWave.

Kulp was joined by, Corey Wagner, Deputy Chief Customer Experience for the Environmental Protection Agency and they both shared their thoughts on how artificial intelligence is evolving customer experience.

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Preparing Your Global Business for AI

6 minute read

The World Trade Center Institute (WTCI) prides itself on preparing everyone, from college students to CEOs, for success in the global economy. Its quarterly AGILE Innovation Series is a space for international business leaders to come together, hear and discuss new ideas. Over the years, they’ve covered everything from cybersecurity to fashion.

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Take a New Approach to IT Cost Management

Originally posted on Smarter with Gartner
5 minute read

First demonstrate effective IT cost management, then partner with the CFO to use technology to optimize enterprise costs.

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