Harness the Power of Web Scraping

Ever heard this old joke?

“What’s the difference between minor and major surgery?”

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Speech to Text: The Future of Unstructured Data (Part 2)

10 minute read

We had a lot of fun in Part 1, exploring Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and brainstorming ways it can help business harness unstructured data to work smarter. But now we’re moving into the nitty-gritty. What’s technically possible, and who’s currently doing it best?

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Speech to Text: The Future of Unstructured Data (Part 1)

8 minute read

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Some people might say I have a problem. Pocket Casts would confirm it. The app has clocked me at about two hours a day for the past year. That’s a lot of ideas and insights flying at my head. I decided to find a way to record the particularly tasty tidbits for posterity so I could catalog and share them with other inquiring MINDs.* Thus, I was thrust into the ever-evolving world of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), an increasingly AI-driven technology for converting spoken words into text. ASR is just one of the AI language services poised to revolutionize business. It’s already empowering people to work smarter.

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Of Pizza & Pricing: Navigating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Options

5 minute read

Pizza is wonderful. In part, because it’s so versatile. From the classic cheese and pepperoni, to the deep dish of Chicago, to the highbrow arugula and prosciutto, and of course, the ever-controversial ham and pineapple. The possibilities are endless! Although, if you’re one of those “pineapple and ham” people, we may need to have a different conversation than the one we’re about to dive into. Really?! Pineapple and ham… on a pizza?!

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