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Learning Day Provides Sweet Rewards for Mind Over Machines Team

Mind Over Machines recently assembled its entire consulting division to help solve a major problem for an international client. And we only had one day to do it.

Da-Stone, a global sugar magnate, desperately needed software that would track the myriad of problems with his farms, which were costing him substantial revenue losses. He came in person and talked all about troubles with distributors, packagers, weather, geography, labor force, etc.

And, oh how we delivered! By the end of the day, we had built 9 custom solutions- that’s right, NINE!

Just Kidding – Sort Of

Da-Stone is the fictional client whose problem was the challenge presented to our team members during our recent Learning Day.

Goal for the day: Expose the whole team to CRM as XRM for development of internal user applications, the fastest growing slice of our business portfolio.

Termed “The Sweet Challenge,” we DID assemble our entire team, and we DID come up with 9 different solutions.

The full day of sugar-themed fun and learning included student and teacher guides, a visit from Da-Stone himself, catered meals, sweets and treats, happy half-hour, and of course, an awards ceremony.

Check out the photo gallery below.


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