ctos-at-work-mom Mind Over Machines is thrilled to be included among the “best minds in the technology business” by the authors of the best selling “At Work” book series. CTOs at Work is a compilation of in-depth, sit-down interviews with world-renowned CTOs.

Featured alongside top CTOs from national and international organizations such as Gartner, Inc., SAIC, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, the Mind Over Machines chapter is the only team-based interview in the book – indicative of our organizational approach to, well, everything.

Excerpts from Chapter 8: Mind Over Machines

“Keeping up with all the new technologies and innovations, making sure our clients maintain their competitive advantage. Working with fresh technology on cool projects also means that we will be able to attract the best and the brightest, another big concern in the current IT market.”

~Dmitry Cherches, CTO

“When we get involved with clients, we always ask them the big questions, ‘Why are you doing this? Who’s going to die if you don’t do it?’ and we help them find new recurring revenue, enter new markets, get a leg up on the competition, or just do things more efficiently. One of our clients will tell you we’ve given them a third or more of the strategic business ideas over the years that have helped them grow.”

~Tom Loveland, Founder and CEO


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