Mind Over Machines is a software and data solutions consultancy that helps business leaders achieve exceptional results through tailored information systems. Our mission is to help your organization capture new revenue, grow your competitive advantage, and streamline operations.

Simply put, we want to work with you to make your life easier…whatever that may mean for your particular business situation or role.

"Mind Over Machines has significant depth-of-knowledge in business operations... [which] enabled them to approach this project from a position of strength..."
Tim Otton, Vice PresidentUnisearch
"GetWork was enormously important in business development and put us years ahead."
"It’s entirely probable that the project would have failed without Mind Over Machines."
Paul Rudman, CIOOffice Products Network of America
"The timeliness of data and flexibility of the web-based system Mind Over Machines developed - are unmatched."
John B. Byrd, III, PresidentAMT
"One of the most remarkably successful and enjoyable projects of my career."
Jeb Bonsteel, Market AnalystIntegrated Health Services
"Working with Mind Over Machines has been a wonderful experience. They were very responsive to our needs and outlined our business requirements in great detail...resulting in a successful project."
Jean Halle, President & CEOCalvert Education Services
"Mind Over Machines continues to provide outstanding service and resources...greatly improving the Integrated Time & Attendance System performance."
Director of U.S. Department of Health & Human ServicesU.S. Department of Health & Human Services
"The Mind Over Machines team has been amazing! They took the time to learn our business well, and they were very thorough."
Deborah Sweeney, General ManagerMyCorporation, an Intuit Company
"Mind Over Machines provided a collaborative, strategic consulting approach to defining our requirements which ensured that the resulting web databases provided all the functionality to meet our needs for today and into the future. Their knowledge of web application design allowed us to broaden our approach in ways that streamline our work and make us even more productive."
"From sales to operations, Mind Over Machines has delivered consistently surprising innovations to all aspects of our business. It's hard to overestimate the importance of their contribution to our success."
Charlie Shampang, National Account ManagerNational Registered Agents, Inc.
"Mind Over Machines’ responses to issues as they arose were exceptional. Given the complexities of the federal government timekeeping, and a very tight and dynamic timeline and environment, they have done a remarkable job delivering a high-quality, mission-critical system for NIH…on time and on budget."
Alexander Rosenthal, DirectorNIH Center for Information Technology


Many of our clients came to us because the first IT Vendor they worked with did not deliver on what was expected. While this is an unfortunate situation for a company to be in, we strive to learn everything we can about you, your business, and how you operate so that the solution we deliver to you is a exactly that…a solution.

We are motivated by a desire to learn, innovate, and deliver upon what is promised for each of our client relationships. This, coupled with our ability to consistently deliver on time and on-budget, is why we have so many repeat clients.


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Serving CIO’s and the C-Suite in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond


Whether you have already contacted an IT Vendor and they have under-delivered, or you are beginning your search for an IT Vendor with Mind Over Machines, we welcome a call to discuss how we can address your specific IT Solution needs.

Maybe you aren’t even sure what exactly needs to be solved, you just know that your business operations/process could be much better. We can help! We specialize in working with companies to learn their systems and offer innovative and comprehensive ways to streamline their business processes and/or operations.

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