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National Registered Agents, Inc.

Industry-First Electronic Compliance System
  • Increased sales and retention by more than 5000%
  • Provided innovative, industry-first service offering
  • Helped thousands of NRAI clients remain in good standing
We’ve had unprecedented success lately. What’s done it is the technology you’ve built for our customers. ... You guys really KNOW our business.

NRAI sought competitive advantage in attracting new business.

Their competitors used easy-to-miss paper bulletins to notify large clients of upcoming corporate reporting due dates in the jurisdictions where the clients do business. NRAI looked to Mind Over Machines for a better solution that would help it win and retain more clients.

We created and developed Tax Calendar, an industry-first electronic compliance system.

A sophisticated rules engine and e-mail notification system, Tax Calendar proactively delivers detailed filing information to NRAI’s customers however they choose, with links to appropriate forms – often with many fields pre-filled – and electronic filing options when available.

NRAI saw a dramatic increase in new business and client retention.

Tax Calendar has helped thousands of NRAI clients remain in good standing. One real estate conglomerate alone uses Tax Calendar to manage over 7,000 business units.

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