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Calvert Education Services

Online Multimedia Assessment Tool
  • 40% response rate from promotional email within the first 4 hours
  • 400 registrants within the first 30 days
Working with Mind Over Machines has been a wonderful experience. They were very responsive to our needs and outlined our business requirements in great detail resulting in a successful...project.

Calvert Education Services wanted to attract, assess and enroll an underserved market segment.

A leader in home schooling for more than 100 years, Calvert wanted to establish a new market, providing its curriculum to children with language-based learning disabilities (LLD). But traditional in-office methods of assessing and matching LLD students to appropriate materials cost more than Calvert stood to gain. It needed a new approach to support this underserved market.

Mind Over Machines delivered an online assessment tool in just six weeks.

We collaborated with experts in learning disabilities and developed an innovative, online, multimedia assessment tool, eliminating the cost and inconvenience of in-office assessments and offering parents a screening option short of the life-long labeling that accompanies a medical diagnosis.

The tool was immediately accepted.

Within four hours of go-live, Calvert received a 40 percent response rate from its initial promotional e-mail. Within 30 days, nearly 400 students registered for the assessment.

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