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U.S. Army

INGEST: Real-Time Weather Analysis System
  • Delivered significantly higher quality data
  • Gained better reporting
  • Reduced maintenance, gained flexibility
  • Dramatically improved system speed
Mind Over Machines provided a collaborative, strategic consulting approach…which ensured that the resulting web databases provided all the functionality to meet our needs for today and into the future.

The U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground needed a faster and more accurate system for collecting and reporting environmental data.

Their disparate sensor-based systems for analyzing how weather conditions affect performance — often a life and death concern in combat zones — limited the quality and timeliness of data reporting, and required a disproportionate amount of ongoing maintenance just to remain operational.

Mind Over Machines developed a datamart that enabled real-time analysis of hundreds of weather data sources.

We re-envisioned a way to satisfy APG’s data needs and developed INGEST, an integrated system that makes real-time weather data available from hundreds of sources simultaneously and employs a data verification protocol to reduce false alerts.

Now, APG meteorologists enjoy access to higher quality data and deliver better reporting.

INGEST’s improvements over the legacy system were so dramatic that after just three weeks of testing, APG abandoned its 6-month test plan and fully adopted the new system. As a result, APG meteorologists deliver higher quality data and better reporting, so military officers and testing teams can make better decisions.

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