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Getwork™: A Sales Information Engine

Getwork™: Sales Information Engine
  • Grew revenue from $1 billion to $4 billion
  • Integrated communication processes and data
  • Created easier way to mine and leverage data

A major contracting company needed to access and make use of decentralized data for business development — without using the Web.

Our client was missing business development opportunities. Thirty regional offices oversaw nearly 100 operating groups and 1,000 projects around the United States. New opportunities spawned reports circulated among offices, but the information was difficult to access. Fragmented internal communications and uncoordinated business development efforts across regions led to many missed opportunities. The company needed a centralized view of its business.

We created a custom built CRM system.

Mind Over Machines invented GetWork™, a unique and powerful sales information engine. Our team was involved from the earliest conceptual stages, reviewing all communication processes and data, and combining all into one database. Our dedicated team guided the client through the project, working in very close collaboration with the client’s project manager.

Annual revenue grew $1 billion to $4 billion.

GetWork™ became the primary information hub, linking people, companies and projects, and enabling the Company to easily mine and leverage its data.

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