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National Registered Agents, Inc.

Entity Pro™: Entity Management Software
  • Successfully opened a new market
  • Created an innovative, secure, flexible and easy-to-use system
  • Gained competitive advantage when attracting large clients
  • Accelerated market acceptance through intuitive user interface
We can now compete for and win multi-entity clients ...

NRAI needed to increase its competitiveness.

The company had decided to grow their market by attracting large corporations with multiple legal entities in many jurisdictions. These corporations have complex entity management needs that required tools that NRAI’s competition offered but NRAI couldn’t. NRAI sought to introduce a better entity management system than existed in the market. It turned to Mind Over Machines.

Our solution was Entity Pro™, an innovative, flexible and easy-to-use system that easily manages information from multiple-entity companies.

We delivered a product that centralizes annual reports, corporate minutes and stock and officer information, while providing automatic filing notices, and automating many of the processes associated with a merger. From an intelligent, intuitive ledger-style interface, users can track corporate ownership, create custom reports, manage committees, and create unlimited custom fields for tracking any additional information they choose.

Entity Pro™ accelerated market acceptance and provided a significant competitive advantage.

Now a critical component in NRAI’s Client Services Portal, Entity Pro™ manages records for nearly 34,000 entities in more than 60,000 jurisdictions, enabling NRAI to win clients in the new target market..

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