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Eliminate Chaos with SharePoint

Dear MOM,

My team is sort of lacking in the collaboration department. So many versions of so many files in so many places – it’s chaos! We’ve tried to institute some document management policies, but nobody really has time to police the situation. Any ideas or suggestions?


Collaboration Chaos


Dear Collaboration Chaos,

Let me introduce you to SharePoint!

SharePoint is not only a solution for your communications chaos, but it’s a great way to boost your company’s productivity! Implementations can be done in in just 90 days, and you’ll see order restored right away.

A SharePoint implementation also means reduced licensing fees, better security, and measurable performance reporting.

Sound pretty good? Contact our SharePoint Team for a complimentary consultation, and they’ll help you figure out how to bring some calm to your chaos – quickly.



About MOM

MOM is a seasoned IT advisor, business consultant, and former programmer. She wrote her first program many years ago, on the UNIVAC I, in COBOL. After skating punch tape around all day, she got to talking and giggling with a co-worker and wrote a “hot or not” program ranking the eligible bachelors in the office. From there, MOM's career in IT took off, and she gained a reputation as a go-to advisor for technology solutions that revitalize business. Drawing from over 25 years in the ever-changing technology landscape, MOM has seen it all - from dramatic growth to dismal failure. Her history of "coming through in the clutch" has saved numerous projects (and businesses...and careers) from certain disaster, and we are proud to call on MOM for her wisdom, her savvy and of course, her advice.